About Me


My name is Kennedy. I am a 21 year old college student who’s mother got her obsessed with, and scared of, true crime shows as a child. My mother always had crime shows on the television and was reading crime books. Sometimes I would wake in the middle of the night to go to the kitchen for water or a snack and end up being terrified the whole night after hearing some dark true crime story still playing on the TV. I can laugh about this now though as I have become just as obsessed as her. I love the mystery and using my brain to develop theories on cases. Even though the unsolved, or cold cases sometimes drive me crazy because I need to know what happens, they are also my favorite true crime topic to discuss.

On this blog I will discuss pretty much any true crime topic I find interesting. Mainly unsolved cases, missing persons cases, john doe cases, solved cases, and more! As well as doing this for entertainment purposes I believe it is good to spread the word about these cases to teach a lesson or to simply spread awareness about these victims and get people talking about their cases. Please leave comments about your theories on any case I cover and leave me any suggestions about cases you are interested in! I am excited to speak with people who are just as interested in these things as me. Thank you for visiting my page, hope to talk with you soon